More About Me

Meet Leeza

Leeza grew up in the beautiful islands of Trinidad and Tobago. She has lived in Cobb County for 15+ years with her husband Tony and two daughters Grace and Faith.

She brings a warm, friendly personality to real estate; one would expect from growing up in the Caribbean. Prior to making a permanent move to the United States, Leeza owned, managed, and flipped several multi-family properties in the Caribbean and single-family homes in Georgia. She transfers her vast experience of buying and selling real estate by being a trusted advocate for her clients.

Her Appraisal background also comes in handy when strategically pricing homes for sellers before placing on the market, so that she can obtain top dollar for her sellers. This is also a great skill when she's negotiating the best price for her buying clients.

Leeza is also extremely fervent about ending homelessness among our Veterans who have served our country with great pride and honor. Therefore, she and husband support organizations such as the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) to end Veterans' homelessness across America.

Leeza is passionate about helping you sell your home as quickly as possible while obtaining top dollar. She also enjoys helping her buyers find just the right place that they can call home – a place where they can create wonderful memories to last a lifetime!