Success Stories


I have been unemployed for more than 2 years. I've been feeling pretty much hopeless, especially in terms of finding a job. Literally, the first day of this class I walked out of here going WOW! and feeling so empowered to take back control of my life and make it different. I have my mojo back! I can't thank you enough for developing this program because it has literally changed my life.

—Mechelle J.

Leeza's indepth process allows her to get a full scope of my capabilities, nuances and talents. She brought all of my skills together and created me as a "brand." I was very excited to get calls for consulting work one week after sending out the resume Leeza put together for me. As a Recruiter, I know the value of a great resume but needed an expert to help me! Leeza exceeded all of my expectations and positioned me as the expert I am. Due to the changing and volitile job market, it is a smart investment to hire Leeza.

—Debra P.
PHR, Senior Recruiter, Digital/Advertising/ Marketing/PR Expert

I decided to look for professional help realizing that the job market is highly competitive. I needed a career expert, yet I found not only a career expert, but also a mentor, and an inspiring leader in Leeza! My ROI was higher than expected. The financial investment made for Leeza's strategic writing skills and guidance in navigating today's tough job market was worth every penny. The transformation of my resume was very impressive. Working with Leeza has been more than rewarding.

—Guisela I.
Corporate HR Compliance Manager

I would recommend Leeza Byers to anyone who is struggling to find that perfect job. Even though I was a recent graduate with limited experience at the time, she really took the time to get to know me and my career goals so she could craft a resume that highlighted what made me special as an employee. I appreciated all her suggestions and felt like a priority client the entire time we worked together.

—Christy M.
Program Coordinator

As an Executive targeting 6-figure jobs, Leeza worked closely with me to position my work in the best possible light. It far surpassed my expectations and was worth every penny I paid for it. The confidence that the marketing kit provided resulted in immediate conversions of new business and I’m back on top again at 6-figures.

—Andy C.
PCC, CCC, CEO Advisement & Team Development Expert

Leeza provided extremely valuable guidance on networking, interviewing, staying organized and getting results as I transitioned my career to a new city. She turned my previous work experience into a powerful resume that landed me interviews immediately; within days of sending it out and ultimately several job offers in less than 12 weeks. She is also an expert on the latest trends in job search strategy and technology across multiple industries. She is warm, energetic and committed to achieving results for her clients. I highly recommend Leeza and it was worth every penny I invested!

—Karen L.
Senior Marketing Executive

I thought I had my resume under control. I had plenty of details on it, bullet-pointed my accomplishments, and was careful to use consistent fonts and correct spelling. After hearing Leeza at a networking event she convinced me to have my resume re-written, with an eye to who I was trying to attract and how to do it. I am very pleased that I worked with Leeza and would recommend that if you are an independent contractor, are in sales, are looking for employment, or want to just increase your networking "presence," then contact Leeza and find out what she can do for you.

—Brian H.
Senior Consultant, Program Mgr., Revenue Management

At the beginning of my job search a friend recommended Byers Workforce Solutions. After an initial consultation with Leeza I made the decision to move forward with her program. Leeza's program turned out to be the best investment I have ever made. In less than eight weeks I was able to land a job that not only do I enjoy, but also was able to obtain a 20% salary increase in the process. I would recommend Leeza to anyone who is looking to invest in themselves and their career.

—Chad F.
Purchasing Manager

As one of millions competing for new opportunities in the job market, I needed a fresh approach and the most efficient presentation of my career information leveraging key competencies. I found Leeza to be professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and simply most practical when discussing a personal strategy and best market fit for employment. Since using her services I've learned creative ways to prepare and position a comprehensive, professional and stand-out resume profile. Working with Leeza was a pleasure and highly recommended.

—Eddie U.
Business Application Support Professional

Working with Leeza has been one of the most powerful experiences I’ve had to date. After working one-on-one with Leeza to create my Career Marketing Kit, the interviews began to line up after about 3 weeks. I landed my new job within 60 days of working with Leeza. My investment was worth every penny, as I gained the confidence I never had to market myself for my new job and the salary I deserve. My career marketing kit has been a hit with many employers and as well as my peers. I’ve had employers tell me, “I’ve never seen such a great resume.” I felt very confident when applying to jobs because I knew my career marketing kit was superb. Working with Leeza was a breath of fresh air. She is very intelligent, professional and warmhearted. Leeza is able to take you from the bottom to the top very quickly if you follow her program.

—Nalani C.
Human Resources Project Manager