I’m Leeza Byers and I work with smart, career-minded professionals ready to fast-track their career who want to build a name for themselves in their industry.

Together we can Believe. Focus. Achieve.

Looking for a new job can be a big challenge, especially in today’s tough job market. However, the process can be simplified with the right help. You can stop winging it on your own and get the help of an expert now!

As an Award-winning Resume Writer, Leeza enjoys working with ambitious, forward-thinking professionals who are READY to make a SERIOUS commitment to themselves to gain RAPID employment, who want to separate themselves from others in their industry, and command the salary they deserve for doing what they love.

She’s here as a strategic resource for you when you need her the most. And she loves seeing her clients land the job they desire at the pay they deserve.

Meet Leeza:

TORI AWARD 2011Leeza Byers has a lifelong passion for helping people achieve their maximum potential in life. She is also deeply committed to helping others experience their life purpose through work they enjoy doing, just as she does on a daily basis when engaged with her clients.  Through speaking engagements, career coaching, interviewing strategy coaching, resume writing and workshop facilitation, she spends her days focused on others.

Leeza has 15+ years’ combined experience in career development counseling at the state and local government levels in Minnesota and Georgia, along with corporate HR Recruiting and Training & Development in the Technology and Finance industries.

Also well known and respected in the career industry, she was recently the recipient of one of the most prestigious awards in the Career Industry – a TORI (Toast of the Resume Writing Industry) for the ‘Best Technical Resumes’ from thousands of national and international Resume Writers. Some of Leeza’s best work has also been published in the Gallery of Best Resumes and Cover Letters. She was also a contributing author for a best seller― “The Confident Woman: Tapping Into Your Inner Power.”

Her clients say she is passionate, knowledgeable, and really cares about helping people not just get a job, but pursue a meaningful career that they really love. As Mary M. mentioned: “she took the time to get to know me and my career goals so she could craft a résumé that highlights what made me special as an employee.” And Guisela I. says: “Her easy coaching style and passion for helping others was evident from the start of working together. Her insight is invaluable as you walk the journey in quest for a new job. Her workshops and coaching get you where you want to go!”

Leeza is also a highly sought after speaker for top Economic Empowering events, to share her wealth of knowledge on marketing strategies for Executives & Mid-Career professionals in today’s challenging economy. She has shared the stage with notable personalities such as, Michelle Singletary, Paula White, and Bishop TD Jakes. She has also been featured at “Female Success Factor” events in Atlanta, GA.

She created the Courageous Job Seeker Success SystemTM out of a passion to assist ambitious, forward-thinking professionals―Executives & Mid-Career professionals who know what they want to pursue but struggle to communicate their true value in the marketplace. They want to regain that precious balance between work and their personal lives, so that they have a career they love at a salary they deserve–and never have to suffer through another ‘Life-Sucking’ day at a job they hate.  The system also works for the unemployed who need to stand out from other job seekers, get more interviews and  win job offers–essentially find their IDEAL job fast, so that they don’t stay unemployed a minute longer than they have to be.

Leeza’s Courageous Job Seeker Success SystemTM gets job seekers employed in 5-8 weeks (some even do it in 3 weeks); which is less than half the national average of 39-54 weeks it takes to find a new job in today’s super-competitive job market.

Challenges Leeza has helped job seekers / opportunity seekers overcome:

  • Talented professionals who know they have tremendous value to offer an employer but struggle to express it on their career marketing documents – value proposition letter, resume, social media profiles, career websites with their name as their URL (commonly known as a vanity URL)
  • Talented professionals who do not have a strong online presence and need to reposition themselves as an authority figure/expert in their industry
  • Desire to obtain significant salary increases (Courageous Job Seekers typically gain a 15-20% salary increase with their new career marketing kits)
  • Industry transitions
  • Finding their Life Purpose to seek out fulfilling careers that are more suited to their strengths they would enjoy utilizing on a daily basis
  • Making the transition from being an Employee to becoming an Entrepreneur

Expert Career Marketing Strategist:

  • Career Web Portfolio Practitioner – help professionals establish a solid online presence which is a necessary component in a job seekers arsenal; especially in today’s hyper-competitive job market. Through the design of strategic career websites (complete with vanity URL’s) and social media profiles that showcase the superb talent of her clients. These are secret weapons of her Courageous Job SeekersTM who really want to kick it up a notch in their job search
  • Job Campaign (Search) Coach – Leeza helps her clients prepare job campaign (search) action plans with proven strategies that quickly get results in their job search and she also holds her clients accountable to executing their plans
  • Strategically written career marketing documents such as: Resumes, Value Proposition Letters, LinkedIn Profiles, Executive Bios, Resume Websites (content creation and hosting), and Networking Resumes that position her clients for their intended targeted audience
  • Successfully coached 1,000+ professionals from various occupations & industries―including but not limited to: sales & marketing, operations management, project management, manufacturing, Information Technology, engineering, human resources, Executive Recruiting, finance, pharmaceutical, healthcare management, and many more
  • Completed 7,000+ hours of virtual coaching – groups and 1:1 sessions

Credentials, Professional Training, and Industry Certifications (if any of this matters to you):

International Certifications include:

  • Certified Job Search Strategist (CJSS) – provides Leeza with proven cutting-edge strategies that gets her clients hired FAST, even in a tough economy.
  • Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC) – equips Leeza to provide the tools to help her clients find fun, fulfillment, and financial rewards in their work.
  • Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW) – one of the top certifications Leeza obtained through rigourous training and evaluations. This certification comes from the pioneers in the career management industry―Professional Association of Résumé Writers and Career Coaches.
  • Certified Employment Interviewing Consultant (CEIC) – ensures that Leeza provides cutting-edge tools & strategies/techniques to help her clients conduct successful interviews.
  • International Protean Career Coach (IPCC) – the only global certification (only few across the U.S possess) that arms Leeza with savvy strategies to coach professionals on how to take ownership of their careers by becoming Career ConquerorsTM―essentially for professionals who want to be in charge of their career paths,instead of leaving it to chance.

When Leeza is not coaching:

She spends time with her wonderful husband George, daughters Grace and Faith and their dog Chico. As a licensed health & life insurance agent, George also enjoys educating and helping professionals to secure customized insurance based on their unique needs; that will help them maintain optimum health while they secure a stable financial future and leave a legacy for their loved ones. He always seeks the best interest for all whom he has the pleasure of serving by representing only the top insurance companies across the nation.

Leeza and her husband also serve as Group Leaders at their local Church called: “MESSAGE TALKS;” which is about enhancing people’s spiritual growth in Christ and establishing a close-knit community among believers. They accomplish this by sharing their sincere thoughts and life reflections of the Sunday morning sermon, and how everyone can apply the guiding principles of God’s Word to their daily lives. Another powerful component of “Message Talks” is praying for one another as a group of believers. It’s been truly amazing to see God respond and meet all of their individual prayer requests.